Reno Enterprising Womens' Project Review by Julie Waas


I'm so grateful to Angelina Musik for inviting me to participate in her 100 Enterprising Women's Project. Angelina is an incredible entrepreneur who's committed to mentoring and helping women succeed in their businesses at the highest level. As someone who has devoted my career and now my businesses to being a trailblazer for working women and mothers, being a part of Angelina's Enterprising Women's Project is an incredible opportunity not only to share my message and businesses with a huge audience but to interact with and learn from Angelina and other amazing women who have joined the project.

" Hi ! I'm Julie Wass - attorney, flexible workplace consultant, empty-nest navigator and host of the Fit and Fabulous Forever podcast, where I share stories of women who have overcome challenges in their lives and reinvented themselves.

As the Founder of Fit and Fabulous with Coach Julie, I help empty nest women reclaim their identities and, create and implement a plan for their future, so they can Rock the second half of their lives.

As a flexible workplace consultant, I combine my employment, law expertise and my personal experiences achieving success with a flexible work schedule by working with businesses wanting to incorporate flexible work schedules without sacrificing productivity or engagement."


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"Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat" meaning: the burden of proof is on the claimant - not on the recipient!

Reno Enterprising Womens' Project Review by Julie Waas

BY JULIE REBY WAAS syndicated: NOVEMBER 29, 2019 last updated: FEBRUARY 18, 2021

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